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'99 Lives' - An insight into people from Kilkenny's past

Containing 103 short biographies on people with a connection to Kilkenny, 99 Lives is a great book to add to your stocking this Christmas. It features well-known names such as Alice Kyteler, James Hoban, James Stephens, George Berkeley, as well as many lesser known figures.

The book offers something different from other history books, focusing on a collection of people with one common link, Kilkenny. Its a really enjoyable read featuring many great tales and stories that will be intriguing and of interest to all.

It's the perfect present for anyone with an interest in history or all things Kilkenny. Featuring a wide range of interesting stories, it has something for everyone; from a member of New Zealand's first international rugby team, to a blacksmith who made pikes for the '98 rebellion, to a chess player with a drinking problem and everything in between.

The author also features on KCLR each Monday after 11am and each Tuesday after 6pm as 'The Historyman' where they share some of the stories from the book, as well as some new ones.

99 Lives is available at the Book Centre, Stonehouse Books, Dubray Books, the Design Centre & Rothe House.

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