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Lock Up Your Daughters

1969 comedy filmed in Kilkenny

The film features many recognizable areas of Kilkenny including the Parade, Kieran Street, John Street, Parliament Street, and the Canal Walk. As well as featuring many of our local landmarks, the film also featured some local faces. Many locals auditioned for parts in the film receiving a decent wage for their role if successful. It is still possible to buy this film online and it can be bought here.


"Three sailors on shore leave, engage in a series of comedic sexual pursuits in Lock Up Your Daughters!. Jim Dale, Ian Bannen, and Tom Bell hit dry land with one thing on their minds -- something that lands everyone in jail in this comedic romp. Susannah York, Glynis Johns, and Elaine Taylor become the objects of the lovesick sailors' alleged affections. The farcical proceedings are witnessed by Lord Foppington (Christopher Plummer), the aristocratic dandy who shudders in horror over the trouble the three salts cause in their efforts to spice up their love lives. This film version is taken from the musical of the same name, sans the music."

The Movie

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